Compacted soil and Thatch build up are no fun. Aeration is here to the rescue! Soil compaction happens during the summer when the ground gets backed in the hot sun, from heavy traffic on the lawn. NO not cars traffic but mowers, people and anything else that can beat the ground down. This soil compaction can lead to a shallow root system which means unhealthy grass. Aeration also helps with the buildup of thatch which is basically just dead grass. While a little is good, a lot is bad. A buildup of thatch will also make your lawn prone to damage from disease and drought. When the grass is aerated, you are poking several holes in the dirt and pulling a solid plug of dirt out. Not only does this make the ground loose and easier for the roots to grow, it helps with airflow and allows for water to get deep into the soil. Give your lawn what it deserves, give it that extra TLC!!!

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