Most people are often unaware of the steps needed to creating and maintaining a beautiful lawn.  Your lawn and landscape require attention and care in order to look their best.  They need food, water and proper maintenance.  While just performing 1 or 2 of these doesn’t mean your lawn will die, it does mean it will not meet its true potential.  Like everything in life, you get out of it what you put into it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What’s the secret to getting green grass?
A:  There are 3 main keys to a beautiful lawn.  Care for it, feed it, water it.  Think of your lawn like a person.  You get out of what you put into it.  To be healthy and have a vibrant green color it needs to have it’s basic needs cared for.

Q: Why do I have to fertilize the yard some many times?  Isn’t 2 or 3 times enough?
A:  Your lawn requires a certain amount of Nitrogen, its main food source, over the course of the year.  If you apply too much at one time it will actually burn the grass and cause damage and in some cases kill the grass.  The reason for multiple applications is to give just the right amount without causing the damage.

Q:  Can I get a maintenance free landscape?
A:  There is no such thing!  Some landscapes require less maintenance than others but plants will have to be taken care of throughout the year in order for them to look their best.  As a general rule you should perform maintenance in your landscape at least twice a year, spring and fall.

Q:  How often should I water my grass?
A:  Overwatering is one of the most common mistakes.  Most people water more frequently and for short periods.  The best situation is to water fewer times during the week for longer periods.  This promotes a deeper root system as the grass has to go deeper to reach water.

Q:  Why should I mow my yard every week and not every 2 weeks?
A:  When maintaining your grass how much of the blade that gets cut is very important.  You only ever want to cut around 1/3 of the grass blade when mowing.  If you are properly watering and feeding your yard it will grown to much over a 2 week span and require you to cut more that 1/3 of the blade.

Q:  My Crape Myrtles are covered in black and white stuff and the plants around them have something on them.  What is going on?
A:  By now most people have either heard of or see this issue around town.  Its called scale and its a bug.  They feed on the tree and over time can cause damage.  If you look closely the black “stuff” you see under the trees usually never extends beyond the canopy of the tree.  This is a mold that is produced as a result of the scale’s bi product.  CLICK HERE for more information about scale and ways to treat it.

Q:  Does aeration really work or is it just a gimmick?
A:  When performed in conjunction with a lawn care programs aeration is very effective.  Over time all yards become hard and compacted by foot traffic, mowing, thatch build up and heat.  When this happens it is harder for water to soak into the soil, root systems can become weaker fertilizer can have a harder time being effective.  Aeration breaks up the compacted soil which is the cause of all of these things thus fixing the issues.  It’s just another step in the overall process to getting a beautiful lawn.

Q:  I hate having to leave a check or cash under the door mat…is there a easier way to pay?
A:  With today’s technology that available you now have to benefit of handling your lawn care like any other bill.  Business software allows you to pay online or you can be auto charged after each service.  This is a option that any professional operation should be able to offer you as a client.

Q:  I’ve always taken care of my own yard.  What are the benefits of using a lawn service?
A:  A true lawn care company is one that is capable of truly giving you back your free time.  They will be able to handle all of your lawn care needs and spot small issues before they become big ones.  When talking with different providers do your research. Look them up online, read reviews, ask for references and require them to show you current copies of insurance and licenses.

Q:  What’s the difference between the deep root fertilization and the foliar application?
A:  Using both is the ultimate care for your landscape.  If there had to be a better one I’d have to say deep root is the best.  It gets all of the goodness straight to the roots of the plants.  This is defiantly good for the long term.  On the other hand the foliar application helps protect against pest and diseases.  At the end of the day, both are best!

If you need help with your lawn or have other questions please feel free to call us at 318-319-2004. I look forward to hearing from you!