Guarantee/Cancellation Policy

The Green Works Guarantee:

If a customer is not 100% completely satisfied with the service, we will repeat the work free of charge.  If you are still not satisfied, you owe us nothing!  There’s no risk, nothing to lose.

The Cancellation Policy:

There are No Commitments, No Contracts, No Obligations whatsoever. If at any point in time you want to cancel, pause, drop or otherwise part ways with our service there is nothing keeping you tied to us. There are no risk, we are here to only make things easy for you the client.

Important things to note:

One Time Applications: Each of our lawn applications work with one another in a process to make your grass green and healthy. Unless you are on the regular 6 step plan it’s impossible to stay ahead in the fight against weeds and insects. Most times one application alone or picking and choosing which app you want isn’t enough to give you the care your lawn needs.

New Customers: Weed control is a constant process. Our program is designed to prevent the weeds from ever growing. We do this with pre emergents that applied in the spring and the fall. Seeds are constantly being dropped in your lawn by various means which means they are always growing and can cause unsightly weeds. We will kill the existing weeds that can be seen on the first application. However, a second batch of weeds could appear sometime after. These weeds will be eliminated on the next application. Once you have been in the program for at least 3 apps we should have everything under control and they will no longer be a issue.