Lawn Fertilization

Life is full of too many things to choose from and think about.  How to care for your lawn should not be one of them.  There is not a good, better, best with our formulas, just the best.  Why would would we want to knowingly sell you a “good” service when we are capable to giving you the best!  For example, we live in the south, we have ants, why would ant killer even be a choice???  All 6 of our applications have chemicals to address issues like this and others.

Your lawn is more than just grass. Maybe it’s your children’s playground, maybe it your pride and joy. It’s definitely the first thing people see when they look at your house. You deserve to have the most beautiful looking grass on the street. We all like compliments, let us help you get one from the neighbors!!!

Our lawn care program is designed and overseen by some of the most able bodies we could find. With degrees in turf management and agronomy, let’s just say they know a lot about grass!

Our program consist of 6 steps throughout the year. This allows us to be on your lawn every 6-8 weeks giving your lawn just what is needed at just the right time!

6 Step Lawn Care Fertilization Program:

  App#1:  January-February

It’s all about timing, so let’s get this program started off right!  Application #1 is an extremely important application at this time of year for several reasons. This is your pre emergent app which means it helps to stop weeds and or their seeds before they ever have a chance to grow.  This is critical in the prevention of those pesky weeds such as crabgrass and dallisgrass from showing up in your soon to be green grass.  It also includes a weed killer that will conduct affirmative action on weeds like clover, lawn stickers and spurweeds. But that’s not all, it will also destroy those creeping sneaking ticks,  feisty fire ants and fast little ankle biting fleas!  This application needs to be watered within 24-48 hours.

  App#2:  March-April

This Spring application is bursting with nutrients, it’s like health food for your grass.  Technically, this is a slow released polyon coated granular that will provide the perfect amount of nitrogen per week as the growing season and temperatures peak. So, basically it is some REALLY good stuff for the grass, given at the optimum time  Your grass uses the Nitrogen as its main source of food but it can not get all of it’s food at once.  Too much at one time will actually hurt the grass, not enough will cause it to be weak and not have that dark green color we all want. If there are any ornery weeds still fighting, consider them gone as well.  We will spot treat any that may have slipped in there.  And the can kiss them good-bye, (but we don’t recommend it!)  This application will need to be watered within the first 24-48 hours.

App#3:  May-June

This application will get you the most Bang for your Buck!  Usually this time of year you may start seeing new weeds rear their ugly heads in your lawn.   We will be spraying a weed killer to make sure any and all of these unwanted weedy visitors go away and stay away.  We also will start to apply important nutrients to reinforce a healthy root system to prepare them for the  upcoming heat of summer.  With ant control, additional weed control and goodies for a hint of green..We take great pride in this special formula, and your lawn will show it.  It is not necessary that  this application gets watered in so sit back and enjoy.

App#4:  July-August

“Lawn Love Potion #9”.  Everyone needs a little love in their life and your grass is no different.  This “potion” is full of a variety of very important nutrients that help create a vibrant dark green color and a thick, healthy root systems.  It’s not just hot…it’s very hot!!!  All of these nutrients will help your grass through this stressful time of the year.  A thick layer of grass provides much needed shade to the roots down below, helping your grass stay healthy and green while other lawns start to show signs of stress, making you the continued envy of the neighborhood.  And again, those ants, we are still picking on them relentlessly.  It is not necessary to water this application so again you get to sit back and let your lawn enjoy the love.

App#5:  September-October

Much like application 1 this is a very important step that doesn’t need to be skipped.  In this application we will be putting out the chemicals to fight against your winter weeds.  This is so important because it helps to prevent the pesky weeds from ever starting their germination or growth process.  We are also applying a strong dose of nutrients to help prolong the green color for as long as possible when the temperatures start to get cooler.  This application needs to be watered within 24 hours.

App#6:  November-December

We all put things on the back burner during the holiday hustle and bustle. But your yard will not be left out in the cold.  A Winterizing treatment is the final application of the year. Your lawn will ring in the new year ready for the cold weather.  The app includes an important package of carbohydrates for the root system.  Much like you and I, the grass also needs carbs for energy. It will store the energy deep within the root system to sustain your lawn throughout the cold wet weeks ahead.  We also are including more ant control products to keep them at bay.  And just in case any winter weeds try to show up, there will be targeted weed control to help clear any broad leaf weeds.  It is not necessary to water this app.

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