Now’s The Time for Fertilization

This Spring application is bursting with nutrients, it’s like health food for your grass.

Technically, this is a slow released polyon coated granular that will provide the perfect

amount of nitrogen per week as the growing season and temperatures peak. So,

basically it is some REALLY good stuff for the grass, given at the optimum time  Your

grass uses the Nitrogen as its main source of food but it can not get all of it’s food at

once.  Too much at one time will actually hurt the grass, not enough will cause it to be

weak and not have that dark green color we all want. If there are any ornery weeds still

fighting, consider them gone as well.  We will spot treat any that may have slipped in

there.  And the can kiss them good­bye, (but we don’t recommend it!)  This

application will need to be watered within the first 24­-48 hours.


Our lawn care program is designed and overseen by some of the most able bodies we could find.  Both of our “Grass Guys” have degrees from LSU and Mississippi State in turf management.  Basically they know a lot about grass!

The program consist of 6 steps throughout the whole year.  This allows us to be on your property every 7-8 weeks giving your lawn just what is needed at just the right time.

Let Green Works from Matthews Landscape build a plan to keep your property looking its best year round.  Once you are a client, let our expert customer service team WOW you as we build a long term relationship. If issues ever arise, call our office team and they will see to it that we handle it.  It’s all about communication. Then sit back, enjoy your free time and become the envy of the street because not only did you hire the best in the business but you have the best looking yard around!  Call us today and see the difference in yard now!