Plant Fertilization

If you are as particular about your landscape, trees and shrubs as you are about you lawn, then you may want to consider our programs specifically designed for landscape care as well.  Most people forget that plants are living things just like you and therefore require food and nutrients to survive.  They also could use a hand from time to time fighting off diseases and pest.


App#1:  March-April

This is the first application of the year and is one of the most important.  Most of the carbohydrates from the fall are used up.  This app gives your plants a much needed boost of energy right before they are getting ready to start blooming and growing for the year.  It also has strong insect control products to help kill the bugs who are looking to feed on all the new growth the plants now have.  A mineral oil is added to ensure the bugs stay away for a long period of time. No water is necessary with this application.

  App#2:  May-June

This application is all about health and nutrition.  Your plants are much like humans and need a healthy and balanced diet.  In this step we are giving them an enriched supply of fertilizers and healthy nutrients to make sure they continue to grow strong in preparation for the upcoming heat of summer.  No water is necessary with this application.

  App#3:  July-August

This application focuses on insect and disease control for your trees and shrubs.  Now that your plants are constantly putting on new growth they are more open to both of these issues more than any other time of the year.  There is another round of fertilizer to ensure the plants are still growing strong.  Both of these are very important steps as the summer heat starts to set in.  No water is needed with this application.

  App#4:  September-October

The final application of the year has arrived. Now that it is getting cold outside we go after any insects around. As some plants drop leaves and plants get ready to go dormant, bugs become super easy to find, see, attack and more importantly, kill. Yes, you heard me right, I said kill. No mercy shown here. There is no water needed with this application.

App#5: November-December

Much like an IV for a person, deep root injection gets all the healthy goodness your plants need straight to the roots and allows them to use it to its fullest potential.  With this step we are injecting insecticides, micro-nutrients and carbohydrates straight into the root systems of each plant.  Now the plants will slowly uptake the application through the year and also have what it needs available to it at all times.  With both the spring and fall injection no water is needed.

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